Video Slot Games on Betsson


In the previous instalment on this topic we looked at some of the best video slot games available on the Betsson casino developed by the different gaming software suppliers that the casino operator works with. Although Betsson is a NetEnt partner and predominantly uses NetEnt software both to power the casino itself, and the various games available, the company also offers a selection of games by rival suppliers PlayTech and Microgaming. Last time we reviewed NetEnt’s South Park: Reel Chaos, and PlayTech’s Fantastic 4. We’ll continue to look at a few more of the best slots on offer by showcasing two Microgaming products.

Untamed Giant Panda (Microgaming)

While the majority of video slots games are brightly coloured and dripping in electronic sound effects, Untamed Giant Panda is a video slot with a very different sort of feel. The untamed series covers a number of endangered species with the aim of raising awareness about these species’ perilous position. The images which the reel symbols consist of are animated but in a realist style, designed to communicate the beauty of the Giant Panda and its endangered habitat in China’s bamboo forests.

The game itself is a 5-reel slot with an impressive 243 pay lines. It also has a number of unique elements to the gameplay with ‘Collect a Wild’ ‘Your Gamble and ‘Lucky Nudge’ features. ‘Your Gamble’ is perhaps the most unique of the three. Here, each time a winning combination appears in the reels you have the option to either collect your winnings or to gamble your winnings on a further spin in order to increase them.

The different feel to this game in comparison to other slots make it that little bit different and Untamed Giant Panda will appeal particularly to nature lovers. Part of the proceeds taking from all of the Untamed series go to the World Wildlife Federation (WWF) to aid their fight to save the various endangered animals the slots are themed on.

Scrooge (Microgaming)

With that time of year rapidly approaching, the next video slot we will look at is again a Microgaming offer, this time with a more traditional animated feel. Scrooge is themed on the classic Dickens’ novel A Christmas Carol, a story we are all familiar with due to the various film interpretations that have been released over the years and run every year over the Christmas holidays. Scrooge is a 5-reel 50 pay line game and the symbols represent the various characters from the novel, from Scrooge himself to Tiny Tim and the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future. The game is simple but looks attractive and has addictive game play. Perfect for a little themed play around the holidays. Feel free to check out, to know more information.