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In Blackjack, When Should You Surrender?

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When it comes to blackjack, far too many people appear to take Winston Churchill’s impassioned speech to heart, with a never surrender credo. While never surrendering is a powerful principle in times of war or personal adversity, it can increase rather than decrease the house edge in blackjack. So, if surrendering can be beneficial at […]


Casino gaming: the facts you want to know

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There is a lot of fun and excitement associated with online casino games. Being online is a new outlook for casinos. In the past, casino gaming was only country specific, but those days are over. Since online casino gaming, people have been occupied more than ever. As such, the future of online casino gaming is […]


Rate the Feel Appropriate Yellow Texas Holdem poker table

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Find out the mystery of the Texas Holdem Poker Felt and see if it’s right for you right now. Read a detailed overview of the Texas Holdem Poker table felt. If you’ve never played poker, you’ve never heard of the Matching Yellow Texas Holdem poker table or what it’s used for. You’ve probably seen casino […]